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TV best bets with Bill Murray, CMA Awards, 'Real Housewives of Atlanta'

This was posted on Monday, October 31, 2016 by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

The special for Mark Twain Prize rewarded to Bill Murray aired in most markets this past Friday. Georgia Public Broadcasting is going to air the program late because of high school football on Monday night instead.

Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is coming back for a ninth season Sunday with the same cast as last season minus Kim Fields and upping Sheree Whitfield to full-time status again.

And Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley are again hosting the CMA Awards on Wednesday.

This covers Monday, October 31 through Sunday, November 6, 2016.


“Dancing With the Stars” 8 p.m. ABC — NFL great Calvin Johnson, formerly of Georgia Tech, has now made the top 7.

“Gotham” 8 p.m. Fox — Mad Hatter sends Gordon on a psychedelic trip of his past, present and future.

“Supergirl” 8 p.m. the CW — Thrilled to have found another Martian, Hank is determined to get to know M'Gann better.

“The Voice” 8 p.m. NBC — Third set of knockout rounds.

“Bill Murray: The Mark Twain Prize” 9 p.m. GPB — The lovable, quirky comic actor gets his due.

“Lucifer” 9 p.m. Fox — During an investigation, Lucifer and Chloe clash, so she partners up with Dan instead.

“2 Broke Girls” 9 p.m. CBS — Max gives Caroline the college party experience she never had when they are invited to speak at Caroline's alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, about their business.

“People  of Earth” 9 p.m. TBS (new series) — New York journalist Ozzie Graham (Wyatt Cenac) arrives at a support group for alien abductees when investigating a suspicious car accident in the series premiere of this ensemble comedy.

“Scorpion” 10 p.m. CBS — The team ventures into a vast cave system to prevent a bat population from destroying the North American ecosystem before Halloween.

“Timeless” 10:01 p.m. NBC — The team gets stranded at the Battle of the Alamo, a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution.

“All Access Nashville” 10:01 p.m. ABC — Robin Roberts will tape at Tootsie's in downtown Nashville where a live audience will enjoy performances and appearances from some of country music's hottest stars while highlighting some of the most memorable moments from the past 50 years of the CMA Awards.


“The Middle” 8 p.m. ABC — Sue asks Axl for advice on how to break up with Jeremy; and Brick shows his school spirit in hopes of fitting in.

“White Supremacy: Going Under” 8 p.m. History — A study of three people who infiltrated white-supremacy groups in an effort to bring down the organizations from the inside.

“NCIS” 8 p.m. CBS — Torres boldly breaks protocol when he learns a witness in an NCIS case is wanted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“The Voice” 8 p.m. NBC — Top moments from Season 11 are recalled as the journey of the Top 20 is chronicled.

“Fresh Off the Boat” 9 p.m. ABC — The Cattleman's Ranch serves as a polling place.

“American Masters” 9 p.m. GPB — The harrowing 1950 Korean War battle at Chosin Reservoir.

“This is Us” 9 p.m. NBC — Kate interviews for a new job that seems perfect, but there's a catch

“Chicago Fire” 10 p.m. NBC — Casey, while inspecting a warehouse as part of his alderman duties, finds himself at the scene of a hazardous spill.

“NCIS: New Orleans” 10 p.m. CBS — A Navy Seal candidate who was murdered just before his graduation leads the team to investigate unorthodox training exercises.

“Atlanta” 10 p.m. FX (first season finale)  — Earn lost his jacket. Will he get it back?


“Blindspot” 8 p.m. NBC — Jane and Weller vanish while working undercover, so the team try to locate their whereabouts by questioning two criminals who have beneficial info.

“50th Annual CMA Awards” 8 p.m. ABC — Performers include Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Florida Georgia Line, Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town.

“Survivor” 8 p.m. CBS — Will Taylor and Adam be able to make up after he blindsided Figgy?

“Game 7 of the World Series” 9 p.m. Fox — It's down to one game between two long-suffering franchises: the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians.

“Criminal Minds” 9 p.m. CBS — The BAU investigates whether bullying may be the link between two high school students who are the sole survivors after both of their families are killed.

“Law & Order: SVU” 9 p.m. NBC — The CEO of a record label is questioned by police.

“Salem” 9 p.m. WGN (third season debut) — The people of Salem come to the frightening conclusion that their only hope for surviving the hell that has risen is to raise the dead.

“Queen Sugar” 10 p.m. OWN — The siblings find two dead bodies on the property while repairing damage caused by the storm.

“Stan Against Evil” 10 p.m. IFC (new series preview) — A disgraced small-town sheriff teams with his replacement to battle demons.


“Younger” 10 p.m. TV Land — Liza and Kelsey pursue an erotica author who writes under a pseudonym and are surprised when the true identity is revealed.


“Grey’s Anatomy 8 p.m. ABC — A new consultant arrives at the hospital and irritates the doctor.

“Rosewood 8 p.m. Fox — The city's best pathology students help Rosewood and Villa with a cold-case double murder.

“The Big Bang Theory 8 p.m. CBS —In order to remain Sheldon's roomie, Amy fibs about repairs being made to her apartment.

“Thursday Night Football 9 p.m. NBC — Falcons vs. the Buccaneers.

“Project Runway” 9 p.m. Lifetime — Kelly Osbourne serves as the guest judge.

“Pitch” 9 p.m. ABC — Ginny feels the pressure after signing a huge deal with Nike.

“Mom” 9:01 p.m. CBS — Christy must contemplate giving up her dream job as a lawyer when Bonnie's former girlfriend (Rosie O'Donnell) offers her big-bucks employment in real estate.

“How to Get Away With Murder” 10 p.m. ABC — Siblings stand accused of conspiring to kill their mother.

“Falling Water” 10 p.m. USA — Burton's controlled façade crumbles.

“Pure Genius” 10 p.m. CBS — Malik and Zoe don't see eye to eye when it comes to using a revolutionary procedure involving spider silk to save a boy's crushed legs versus the safer route of amputation.


“The Crown3:01 a.m. Netflix (new series) — Based on the award-winning play, The Audience, The Crown tells the inside story of Queen Elizabeth II's early reign, revealing the personal intrigues, romances, and political rivalries behind the great events that shaped the second half of the 20th Century.

“Hell's Kitchen” 8 p.m. Fox  — The remaining contestants take part in an Ingredient Crossword Challenge.

“MacGyver” 8 p.m. CBS — MacGyver goes undercover as a prison inmate in a maximum security prison to help a notorious drug kingpin escape so he can track him to his cartel's secret location.

“The Vampire Diaries” 8 p.m. the CW— Enzo continues to fight the control over him.

“Shark Tank” 9 p.m. ABC —A Utah woman shocks the Sharks by revealing she had to sell off 75% of her faux flower business in order to keep it alive.

“Hawaii Five-O” 9 p.m. CBS (150th episode) — Five-0 fights to free McGarrett's mother when Catherine informs them she was captured and is about to be executed for attempting to free Wo Fat's imprisoned father.

“Blue Bloods” 10 p.m. CBS — Anthony works with Danny, much to Danny's dismay, to solve the murder of a witness in Danny's case.


“Who Killed JonBenet?” 8 p.m. Saturday Lifetime — The police investigation surrounding the unsolved murder of a 6-year-old beauty queen who was found dead in her family's home in 1996 is retold, spotlighting both recent and decades-old theories.

“A Perfect Christmas” 8 p.m. Sunday Hallmark — A newlywed couple celebrate their first Christmas together by inviting their families to join them.

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” 8 p.m. Sunday Bravo (ninth season debut) — Kenya and Sheree make progress in completing their dream homes.

“The Walking Dead” 9 p.m. Sunday AMC — A completely new group of survivors living in an impressive community that seems to have it all, but for a price, is introduced.

“Madam Secretary” 9:30 p.m. Sunday CBS — Elizabeth is tasked with keeping an imminent U.S.-France state dinner on track after a CIA operative is captured by French intelligence.

“Married to Medicine” 9 p.m. Sunday Bravo (fourth season debut) — Lisa Nicole hosts a party to bring the group together.

“Westworld” 9 p.m. Sunday HBO — Lutz is charmed by Maeve.

“Eyewitness” 10 p.m. Sunday USA — Ryan tries to shut down's Helen's case.

“Quantico” 10 p.m. Sunday ABC — At the Farm, the trainees decide on a drone strike.

“Master of Sex” 10 p.m. Sunday Showtime — Masters and Johnson return from Topeka and grapple with the trip's ramifications.

“Elementary” 10:30 p.m. Sunday CBS — Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a man who led a secret life as a vigilante.

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