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Atlanta-based shows cancelled: Fox's "Home Free," Lifetime's "Atlanta Plastic," TV One's "Born Again Virgin"

This was originally posted on Friday, April 7, 2017 by Rodney Ho/, on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

The TV Gods giveth and the TV Gods taketh away.

Three shows shot in Atlanta that made it two seasons will not be getting a third. All three saw sharp drops in ratings from season one to season two. Let's review:

Fox's "Home Free." This summer reality show title had a double meaning. Season one, the contestants were competing to get their own home by fixing up homes in metro Atlanta. The twist: they all got homes - for free! Season two, the producers changed it up by having contestants compete to give a home away for someone else, creating all homes from scratch in Paulding County. To add more celebrity power, they added Tim Tebow to the equation. It didn't work. Ratings: 2.47 million viewers season two. That was one-third fewer viewers than 3.7 million season one. (Ratings include DVR usage up to a week after original airing but does not include on-demand and other platforms.)

Lifetime's "Atlanta Plastic." This reality show focused on three black plastic surgery doctors - two in Kennesaw, one in Buckhead - and their work with patients. Ratings: 796,000 season two.  That was down 27 percent from 1.086 million season one.

TV One's "Born Again Virgin." This scripted comedy was about a 34-year-old single black female Jenna in Atlanta who felt like she was sleeping with the wrong men. When she realized her body count had exceeded her age,  she decided to take a vow of celibacy, using the term “born again virgin. She began writing a blog that quickly drew a big following. Ratings: 183,000 season two. This was down 35 percent from 283,000 season one.

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