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Atlanta's Aaron Gibson appears to get dissed by artist he covered on 'The Voice'

This was posted Wednesday, November 16, 2016 by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Atlanta singer Aaron Gibson did a grungy version of an obscure Father John Misty song on Monday and almost got booted from the show as a result.

Typically, artists who get their songs covered on a show as popular as "The Voice" are grateful for the exposure.

Father John Misty? Not so much. It seems like the singer (real name: Joshua Tillman)  is deeply bitter by the election of Donald Trump and perhaps took his anger out on poor Gibson (without naming names) on Facebook.

His comments were pointed but indirect. For instance: "We must uphold the dignity of the American democratic process no matter how little we like the performers therein."

One of his fans noted on Facebook comments that he felt like Gibson "Nickelbacked" the song. Another wrote: "I just hope people don't think that's what your songs sound like. Jesus Christ girl."

Then again, a few defended Gibson like this: "Seems a bit harsh to mock a kid who wants to sing your song on a talent show. Or maybe you don't even want to give them that - since I guess, putting yourself out there creatively is your corner of the market."

The name of the song is a bit odd: "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings.

Here is the original version, with Aubrey Plaza starring in the video:

And here is Gibson's version, where his gruff voice definitely changes the flavor of the tune:

Father John Misty, before the election, recorded a cover of a song called "Trump's Private Pilot" where the pilot imagines crash-landing the plane and killing Trump. (More details about the song here.)

Back in July, Father John Misty was so upset by seeing Trump's Republican National Convention speech, he cut short a concert the next day in New Jersey. He also offered a speech about evil, according to Pitchfork.

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