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Andrew Lincoln at Walker Stalker on season 7: "More 'Lord of the Rings' than 'Lord of the Flies' "

This was posted by Rodney Ho on Sunday, October 30, 2016 for AJC's Radio & TV Talk blog

Andrew Lincoln was joined by his buddy Norman Reedus Sunday morning at the Walker Stalker convention at Georgia World Congress Center.

Unfortunately, Steven Yeun didn't come by. (He was here this weekend to do photos and autographs but chose not to do a panel. EW did a cover story at least.)

Still, the Reedus/Lincoln bro-fest was very much in evidence and the full house of "Walking Dead" fans did not complain. One questioner from Toronto was so overcome by emotion just being able to talk to them, she started crying while trying to ask a question and both Reedus and Lincoln came off the stage to give her a hug.

There is no doubt both actors are grateful to the fans and clearly enjoy what they're doing even as they are finishing up shooting season seven. And after the session, both men spent several minutes grabbing phones and taking selfies from the stage without complaint until organizers dragged them away.

This show, Lincoln said on stage, "is in my heart. It's in my bloodstream."

Here are some highlights from the panel:

Andrew on how he handled the season 7 opener: "Even in our deepest and darkest moments, there's a solidarity on the show. I think in the bleakest, darkest point of our show last week, there is that flame, Maggie. There's still a moment of humanity we can build on this season. That scene was crazy. I don't really go into great detail what happens. I don't really know. I know my lines. I do my homework. I listen to a bit of music. I looked at Jeffrey Dean Morgan, shook his hand and we jumped in. We're very fortunate with our crew. I think the crew is the reason the show is still as pristine as it is. They've seen me behave like a maniac so many times. They're kind of used to me. He's going to lose his mind!.. .Let him do whatever he needs to do... roll camera!"

More on that scene from Andrew: "You get lost in a scene. I don't know what happens. That's the most exciting to me. You just disappear. You come out. What just actually went on? Everyone looks devastated. The crew, men with beards moving heavy equipment can't look you in the eye. You know you did the scene right... Norman knew Jeffrey. We had him vetted. He's a buddy of Norman. Just watch him in the season finale and how committed he was and how prepared he was and how excited he was. It was a sure sign we had someone who belonged."

What music did Andrew listen to before Rick almost cut off Carl's hand? "Blackstar" by David Bowie.

Norman on just being on this show: "It's harder to go to the grocery store. I don't know. I have this family I work with. I can't wait to get back to with them. It's a lot of fun. Usually around this time of year, we're completely banged up and exhausted. We put in a good year. We earned this year. You just look forward to do it again. It's fun."

Andrew missing Steven Yeun: "Steven is one of my best friends. He's the social secretary. He always dresses very nicely. And he's down with the kids. He taught me about hip hop."

Andrew on Rick and Michonne hooking up: "My mom has been campaigning for that relationship for years... I wish there'd been a couple more scenes earlier setting it up. I knew there was always this incredible connection, almost like a familial connection... It's staring at you right in the face. The person I love is right here!" [As an aside, Norman joked, "I'm jealous of them both. It's eating me up inside." Andrew cracked: "He's stroking his crossbow."]

Broken? Andrew says yes: "I asked [showrunner] Scott [Gimple]. 'Is there any flicker of a plan or defiance or anything left? 'Absolutely not.' " [We'll see how long Rick will comply quietly to Negan's demands.]

Vague tease of the rest of season 7 from Andrew: "It's going to be the after effects of his earth-shattering thing. How each individual member of the family deals with this in their own way. I certainly think that we'll also see a much bigger show. It's more 'Lord of the Rings' than 'Lord of the Flies.' "


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