'American Idol' notes: Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson

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The New York Times recently profiled "Live with Kelly and Ryan," which has been pulling in strong ratings since he joined the show in May and is easily beating the third hour of the "Today" show.

Here is how the writer described former Atlantan Seacrest, in kind of a back-handed complimentary way:

He is a 21st century Dick Clark, the go-to guy for red carpet events and New Year’s Eve specials, and he will be returning to “American Idol” when ABC revives the show next year.

On “Live,” he plays the almost annoyingly perfect foil to Ms. Ripa’s more untethered on-air character. On a recent show, his co-host poked fun at him by suggesting he was more robot than man.


Jennifer Hudson told Ellen DeGeneres that juggling coaching "The Voice UK" and "The Voice USA" at the same time has been difficult.

“I’m being dragged by the face by both of them,” she said. “The U.S. is in the lives and the U.K. is being pre-taped. Sometimes I get confused. I’m like, ‘Which coach is sitting next to me? Where am I?’

“The other day when I was in the U.K. I was looking at the other coaches’ contestants, like, ‘I ain’t never seen these people before…!’ It took me a minute.”

These are problems most folks wish they had.


Kelly Clarkson to Billboard on the #MeToo movement: 

“This is gonna impact positive change,” she said. “It looks real dark right now, and you get bummed out when you’re watching the news. But all I can say is, at least maybe we’re gonna fix some things that maybe not everybody knew was going on.”

“And not just for my kids,” she added. “I hope that this kind of crap isn’t around then. Although it’s been around for ages. So, here’s to hoping!”


Adam Lambert said recently that his "gender fluid" cover for his first album in 2009 "For Your Entertainment" was toned down to black and white from color to appease nervous retailers. It's doubtful that anybody would care in 2017:


A man in Kansas Lawrence Young, in honor of his late wife, has festooned his truck in images of Carrie Underwood. Her songs gave his wife comfort in her dying days:


Clay Aiken Instagram post of the week:

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