Amanda Davis fans: check out opening minutes of CWs' 'Black Lightning' January 16

Posted Wednesday, January 10, 2018 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Sometimes, local anchors land gigs as fictional TV anchors on TV shows shot in Atlanta. Recently, Fox's "Star" used Alyse Eady for a "Good Day Atlanta" appearance.

The latest one is bittersweet: the new CW show "Black Lightning," debuting Tuesday, January 16, features the late Amanda Davis in the opening two minutes of the very first episode. The veteran broadcaster, who had been a morning anchor for CBS46, passed away suddenly last month of a stroke.

The show is about a superhero named Black Lightning who is forced back into action by a murderous gang threatening his family. Set in a fictional city on a fictional TV station, Davis plays a newscaster  describing the 100 Gang running rampant in the town and how ineffective the police department has been in combating a crime wave, especially since Black Lightning disappeared nine years earlier.

There's a good reason why Davis is on the show: her daughter Melora Rivera is the director of development for Salim Akil, showrunner and executive producer for the DC Comics show. Rivera has also written for Akil's shows "Being Mary Jane" and "The Game," both also shot in Atlanta.

Akil said she will show up in future episodes as well.

"I wanted to use one newscaster on set and use one newscaster in the field so you felt like when you're watching the show, you turn on the TV and see someone you recognize giving you the news," Akil explained on set last month to a group of journalists.

UPDATE: The CW added a lovely tribute to Davis during the episode.


"Black Lightning," 9 p.m. Tuesdays, the CW, starting January 16


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