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Photos: Kanye West and floating stage invade Atlanta

Kanye West brought an ingenious, floating stage to Philips Arena on Monday night for his sold-out Atlanta stop on the "Saint Pablo" tour.

Photographer Robb Cohen was there to capture Yeezy in action and AJC Video Producer Ryon Horne had this to report about the concert:

For those who simply hate Kanye West, who thinks he's the most egotistical jerk in the music industry, there's nothing I can say in this review that would persuade you to believe that he put on a two-hour party at the Philips Arena Monday night:

Now for all the West fans who didn't attend… the concert was dope.

Taking the stage as only Yeezy knows how -- an hour late -- the audience on the floor of his “Saint Pablo” tour erupted when the lights went out to start the show.

They sang along to the first song performed, "Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1," but West stopped the show in order to get his ear pack working.

Running through versus of songs he was featured on like Drake's "Pop Style" and "Mercy," it wasn't until "You can't tell me nothing," that West finally shouted out the city name, getting in return a huge response from the sold-out crowd.

The crowd on the floor was by far the highlight of the show. Mainly because they were the mostly well-lit throughout and West primarily performed in the shadows. Their energy, however, transferred to the star and the audience in the "regular seats."

The oversized mosh pit would dance, jump, and push on cue. One fan even tried to climb up on Yeezy's hovering stage.

It was ironic to see a safety cord holding West back from the edge of his stage, which secured him from tipping it over - although it didn't stop him from lying down to reach over and touch some of his fans during the song "Jesus Walks."

"Runaway" was the ballad of the show, slowing things down a bit. "What I want to explain, can't be done in one night. What I want to do for you can't be done in one night," West said to his captivated audience.

Taking roll call of the entrepreneurs at his show, Yeezy attempted an explanation of his erratic behavior often on display in the media.

"I die for your dreams. I look stupid so y'all don't have to be afraid. Don't be afraid to make mistakes,” he said.

Everyone under him stood still to watch and listen. "I don't like good ideas," he continued. "I like the most f*****-up crazy idea possible."

A stage that travels through an arena, my friend, is for sure pretty crazy.

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