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Georgia Gang on Abrams: 'It was an attempt to conceal'

The Georgia Gang took on State Rep. Stacey Abrams' for-pay relationship with Michelle Nunn's Senate campaign , with one member of the panel concluding it was conflict of interest with Abrams' voter registration efforts.

The long-running show took up the AJC Watchdog column during its Sunday broadcast on WAGA-TV, with media strategist Jeff Dickerson with the strongest opinion.

“You’ve got to be transparent in this kind of situation and that’s where she kind of dropped the ball," he said.

Dickerson called Abrams' work on the Nunn campaign as a political consultant a "clear conflict" with her work with The New Georgia Project, which registered tens of thousands of voters prior to the 2014 election.

Abrams was paid $30,000 over six months for her work helping organize Nunn's failed Senate bid , but she was paid through a corporation registered under her sister's married name.

“I think the fact that it was an attempt to conceal was at the heart of the problem," Dickerson concluded.

For their part, Abrams and the Nunn campaign said there was no overlap between the two roles and that they parted ways before Abrams began her work with the New Georgia Project in earnest.

Abrams said the LLC, named Myrina Strategies, was set up for her and her sister to do joint projects and she used it as a convenient way to get paid without "crossing streams" with her other business ventures.

For more, read the AJC Watchdog column here . You can watch The Georgia Gang clip here.



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