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Cobb widow 'taken hostage' in scam lost closer to $4 million, attorney says

Prosecutors uncovered $3.6 million lost by a Cobb widow to a scam artist who she entrusted with her finances, but her attorney says the total could be closer to $4 million.

Kasey Libby, who became Frances Perkins' court-appointed financial conservator as she tried to recover from a multi-year scam perpetrated by Jeff Carr, said his own investigation found an additional $400,000 that Perkins may have lost in Carr's scam.

She was "as I put it taken hostage by Jeff Carr and then exploited for her wealth," Libby told the AJC in a video-recorded interview. (see the Libby interview here.) "Jeff Carr maneuvered his way into her life, gained her trust and then used and abused that trust."

The case highlighted in a front page AJC article on Sunday is being talked about in committee meetings at the Gold Dome and among lawmakers as they push to tighten laws around power of attorney to prevent this type of financial abuse of seniors and vulnerable adults.

Carr spent the money for his own gain. He bought four Cadillacs with Perkins money, Rolex watches and paid for restaurant and entertainment tabs.




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