Caroline Small shooting case a "stain" on DA's office, grand juror says

Caroline Small

Grand juror Frank Booker, a retired commercial banker who lives on St. Simons Island, wrote a stinging letter to Johnson after he attended a Jan. 28 town hall meeting put on by the Justice For Caroline Small group.

Booker's Jan. 29 letter to Johnson asks that a special prosecutor be brought in to reopen the case "to clear a stain on your office's reputation and credibility."

For the Justice for Caroline Small group, Booker's interest in the case is encouraging, but unless he gets reappointed to the grand jury next term it may be too late. His term along with the rest of the grand jury ends this month.

Booker says he was so troubled by what learned about the case after attending the town hall he felt he had to raise his concerns about the case with Johnson as part of upholding his oath as a grand juror.

"I think that because your office botched this case so badly that Ms. Small's case can get justice only if your office and you remove yourselves from it," he wrote in his letter.

Read more about Booker's story here.


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