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Daily Trivia: Coach who led a No. 4 seed to victory over a No. 1 seed twice

No. 4 seeds have defeated No. 1 seeds 100 times since the GHSA expanded the playoffs to four teams per region in 1996. However, the No. 1 seeds still hold a sizeable 716-100 edge. No. 2 seeds are 528-288 against No. 3 seeds. Who is the only active head coach who has led his No. 4-seeded team to a victory over a No. 1 seed twice, and can make it three this week? (Answer Friday)

Answer to Wednesday's question: Colquitt County and Westminster have won seven road games in the first round since 1996, when the GHSA expanded the state playoffs to four teams per region. No other schools have more.

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