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Daily List: Georgia head coaches who played in the NFL

Three first-year Georgia head coaches are former NFL players. They are Reggie Austin at Forest Park, Dialleo Burks of LaGrange and Earthwind Moreland at Grady. That brings to 12 the number of former NFL players who are Georgia head coaches this season. They are:

*Reggie Austin, Forest Park (2000-01 Bears DB)

*Dialleo Burks, LaGrange (2000 Panthers WR)

*George Collins, Rutland (1978-82 Cardinals OL)

*Gary Downs, Riverside Military (1994-2000 Giants, Broncos, Falcons RB)

*David Edwards, Columbia (1985-87 Steelers DB)

*Robert Edwards, Greene County (1998, 2002 Patriots, Steelers RB)

*John Hunt, Woodward Academy (1984, 1987 Cowboys, Buccaneers OL)

*Earthwind Moreland, Grady (2000-01, 2004 Jets, Browns, Patriots CB)

*Stanley Pritchett, Arabia Mountain (1996-2004 Dolphins, Eagles, Bears, Falcons FB)

*Raleigh Roundtree, Josey (1998-2002 Chargers, Cardinals OL)

*Kevin Shaffer, Hebron Christian (2002-10 Falcons, Browns, Bears OL)

*Chris Slade, Pace Academy (1993-2001 Patriots, Panthers LB)

Note: The list includes only those who played in NFL regular-season games. There are others, including Marist's Alan Chadwick, Providence Christian's Ken Robinson and Savannah Christian's Donald Chumley, who signed with NFL teams and played in preseason games. The NFL does not document those, making them difficult to research.

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