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AA blog: Breaking down the final-week playoff scenarios

Half the region championships in Class AA were decided last week, which obviously still leaves a lot left to be determined on the final Friday of the regular season.

We’ll go region by region looking at where the playoff hopefuls stand as of now.

Region 1

Brooks County                                               5-1             7-3

Thomasville                                                    4-1             5-4

Fitzgerald                                                        4-1             8-1

Early County                                                   2-3             3-5-1

Berrien                                                             1-4             3-6

Seminole County                                           1-4             4-5

Pelham                                                             1-4             4-5

Friday’s games

Early County at Thomasville

Fitzgerald at Seminole County

Pelham at Berrien

Notes: Despite the logjam of one-loss teams at the top, this one is Fitzgerald’s to lose. The fifth-ranked Purple Hurricanes hold the edge in the region’s three-way tiebreaker, as well as the head-to-head tiebreaker with Brooks County, if a two-way tie were to occur.

In the event of a three-way tie, Fitzgerald is No. 1, Brooks County is No. 2, and Thomasville is No. 3 seed. All three teams have been ranked in the top 10 for a large portion of the season.

Early County can clinch the No. 4 seed with a win over Thomasville. If Early County loses (and Seminole County loses), Early County will be tied for the No. 4 seed with Pelham/Berrien winner. In that scenario:

  • Berrien holds head-to-head tiebreaker over Early County
  • Early County holds head-to-head tiebreaker over Pelham

So, Berrien can clinch fourth-place if:

  • It defeats Pelham
  • Early County loses to Thomasville, and
  • Seminole County loses to Fitzgerald

Multiple other less-likely scenarios also exist.


Region 2

Vidalia                                                             6-0             9-0

Benedictine                                                     5-1             7-2

Bacon County                                                 4-2             5-4

Bryan County                                                  4-2             5-4

Groves                                                              2-4             5-4

Jeff Davis                                                         2-4             4-5

Long County                                                    1-5             3-6

McIntosh County Academy                         0-6             0-9

Friday’s games

Bacon County at McIntosh County Academy

Bryan County at Vidalia

Jeff Davis at Groves

Long County at Benedictine

Notes: Vidalia is the region champ and will host the No. 4 seed from Region 1 in the first round of the playoffs.

Benedictine is locked in at No. 2 and awaits the No. 3 seed from Region 1.

Bacon County and Bryan County will be No. 3 and 4 seeds, and Bacon County can clinch No. 3 with win over McIntosh County Academy. For Bryan County to take No. 3, the Redskins would need a win over Vidalia as well as a Bacon County loss.


Region 3

Screven County                                             4-1             8-1

Jefferson County                                          4-1             6-3

Swainsboro                                                     4-1             5-4

Dublin                                                              4-2          6-4

Metter                                                              2-3             4-5

East Laurens                                                   0-5             2-6-1

Harlem                                                             0-5             1-8

Friday’s games

Harlem at East Laurens

Jefferson County at Swainsboro

Metter at Screven County

Notes: The playoff teams are established: Screven County, Jefferson County, Swainsboro and Dublin. Everything else starts with the outcome of the Metter/Screven County game.

If Screven defeats Metter:

  • Screven County is No. 1
  • The winner of Jefferson County/Swainsboro will be No. 2
  • The loser of Jefferson County/Swainsboro will be No. 3
  • Dublin will be No. 4

If Metter defeats Screven, it creates a three-way tie between Screven, the Jefferson County/Swainsboro loser and Dublin for Nos. 2-4, and the Jefferson County/Swainsboro winner is the region champ.


Region 4

Lamar County                                                4-0             7-1-1

Macon County                                               4-0             7-2

Bleckley County                                             2-2             4-5

Monticello                                                       1-3             3-6

Northeast-Macon                                          1-3             3-6

Putnam County                                             0-4             2-7

Friday’s games

Lamar County at Macon County

Northeast-Macon at Monticello

Putnam County at Bleckley County

Notes: For my money, Lamar County at Macon County is the clear-cut game of the week in Class AA. The winner will be region champ, the loser will take the No. 2 seed.

Bleckley County has already clinched the No. 3 seed, as it holds the head-to-head tiebreaker over both Northeast-Macon and Monticello.  The winner of that game will get in as the No. 4 seed.


Region 5

Bowdon                                                             4-0                                    7-2

Bremen                                                              3-1                                    6-3

Heard County                                                  3-1                                    4-5

Chattahoochee County                                  2-2                                    6-3

Manchester                                                      0-4                                    2-7

Temple                                                              0-4                                    2-7

Friday's games

Bremen at Heard County

Chattahoochee County at Bowdon

Manchester at Temple

Notes:  It’s all pretty straight forward here:

  • Bowdon has already wrapped up the region championship via its win over Bremen last week.
  • Bremen and Heard are playing for Nos. 2/3
  • Chattahoochee is No. 4


Region 6

GAC                                                                    6-0             9-0

Lovett                                                                 6-1          7-3

Wesleyan                                                           4-2             6-3

BEST                                                                   3-3             5-4

Pace Academy                                                  3-3             4-5

Hapeville Charter                                            2-4             3-6

Holy Innocents’                                               1-5             2-7

KIPP                                                                  0-6             1-8

Friday’s games

BEST at Pace Academy

GAC at Wesleyan

Hapeville at KIPP

Notes: Another region with blessedly little left to be decided.

  • GAC is No. 1
  • Lovett is No. 2
  • Wesleyan is No. 3
  • BEST/Pace are playing to get in


Region 7

Darlington                                                        5-0             8-1

Coosa                                                                 4-1             6-3

Model                                                                4-2          8-2

Chattooga                                                         3-2             4-5

Dade County                                                    1-4             2-7

Gordon Lee                                                      1-4             2-7

Armuchee                                                        0-5             1-8

Friday’s games

Armuchee at Coosa

Dade County at Gordon lee

Darlington at Chattooga

Notes: Darlington grabbed the No. 1 seed last week with its win over Coosa, which could clinch No. 2 with a win over Armuchee on Friday. As long as that happens (or if Darlington beats Chattooga), Model would be No. 3 and Chattooga would be No. 4.


Region 8

Rabun County                                                5-0             7-2

Union County                                                 4-1             8-1

Greene County                                               4-1             5-4

Washington-Wilkes                                      3-2             6-3

RMA                                                                 1-4             2-7

Oglethorpe County                                       1-5             1-8

Social Circle                                                   0-5             0-9

Friday’s games

Greene County at Rabun County

RMA at Social Circle

Washingt0n-Wilkes at Union County

Notes: We already know who the four playoff teams are: Rabun, Union, Greene and Washington-Wilkes. Seeding is yet to be determined.

  • Rabun clinches No. 1 with a win over Greene
  • If Rabun wins and Washington-Wilkes wins, Rabun is the region champ and the other three are tied for Nos. 2-4
  • If Rabun County wins and Union County wins, the seeding is as follows: 1. Rabun County, 2. Union County, 3. Greene County, Washinton-Wilkes
  • If Greene County wins and Union County wins, it creates a three-way tie for Nos. 1-3 between Greene, Rabun and Union
  • If Greene County wins and Washington-Wilkes wins, the seeding is as follows: 1. Greene County, 2. Rabun County, 3. Washington-Wilkes, 4. Union County


Everybody got all that? Barring any late coin-flips, we should have everything figured out by Saturday morning's blog and we'll have the brackets posted as soon as they're available. If you want to go ahead and take a peak, you can do so by clicking here. Looks like there's going to be some interesting matchups all the way through this year.

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