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All-region teams: Thomasville sweeps top honors in 1-AA

Here is the all-region team for 1-AA, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Player of the year: QB J.T Rice, Thomasville, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: RB Benjamin Trey Tillman III, Thomasville, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: DB Karey Lee, Thomasville, Jr.

Special teams player of the year: PK Carl Blackmore, Thomasville, Sr.

Coach of the year: Zach Grage, Thomasville


QB - Mac Perry, Brooks County, Sr.

QB - James Graham, Fitzgerald, Sr.

RB - Ken Bennett, Berrien, So.

RB - Jonathan White, Brooks County, Sr.

RB - Tan Gelin, Thomasville, Jr.

FB - Quantavious Pugh, Fitzgerald, So.

TE - Pierson Weatherspoon, Thomasville, Sr.

TE - Roderick Williams, Fitzgerald, So.

WR - Deon Fountain, Brooks County, Jr.

WR - Khalil Humphreys, Brooks County, Sr.

WR - Kevon Shy, Thomasville, Sr.

WR - Kevin Cochran, Thomasville, So.

WR - Tyler Knuckles, Thomasville, Sr.

C - Austin Lasseter, Berrien, Sr.

G - Javonta McGriff, Thomasville, Jr.

G - Jadiah Diggs, Thomasville, Sr.

G - Nick Ryles, Brooks County, Sr.

T - Jarrett Heath, Early County, Sr.

T - David Echevierra, Fitzgerald, Sr.

T - Anthony Daniels, Brooks County, Jr.

T - Jorium Jones, Thomasville, Sr.

T - Jason Brown, Brooks County, Sr.


DE - Callen Ray, Fitzgerald, Sr.

DE - Tae Gray, Brooks County, Jr.

DE - Peyton Singletary, Thomasville, So.

DE - Darryl Gallon, Brooks County, Jr.

DL - Kierron Smith, Fitzgerald, Sr.

DL - Tyler Smith, Fitzgerald, Jr.

DL - Ryan Wade, Early County, Sr.

DL - Jarrell Woodson, Brooks County, Sr.

NG - Marc Davis, Thomasville, Jr.

ILB - Quinton Jones, Thomasville, Sr.

ILB - Rahjon Holden, Brooks County, Sr.

ILB - Tavarres Bivins, Brooks County, Jr.

ILB - Jeremiah Powell, Thomasville, Jr.

OLB - Jontavious Johnson, Early County, Jr.

OLB - Kenderick Wade, Brooks County, Sr.

OLB - Mike Edmonds, Brooks County, Jr.

OLB - Sederick Robinson, Thomasville, Jr.

S - JaMarcus Johnson, Berrien County, So.

S - Tre' Jackson, Brooks County, Sr.

CB - Qua Harper, Fitzgerald, Sr.

CB - Ce'darius Arnold, Brooks County, Sr.

CB - Damian Devine, Fitzgerald, Jr.

ATH - Charlie Thomas, Thomasville, Sr.

Special teams

P - Jacobe Brown, Brooks County, Jr.

P - Garrett Poole, Thomasville, Sr.

PK - Alex Martinez, Fitzgerald, So.

PK - Tony Valasquez, Brooks County, Jr.

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