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All-region teams: Mountain View's Bach is 6-AAAAAAA coach of the year

Here is the all-region team for 6-AAAAAAA, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Coach of the year: Nick Bach, Mountain View

First-team offense

QB - Cameron Turley, Mill Creek, Sr.

QB - Matthew Edwards, Mountain View, Jr.

RB - Jonathan Postell, Collins Hill, Sr.

RB - Ryan Lovelace, North Gwinnett, Sr.

WR - Edmond Graham, Mill Creek, Sr.

WR - Malachi Carter, Mountain View, Jr.

WR - William Huzzie, Duluth, Jr.

WR - Connor Heyward, Peachtree Ridge, Sr.

TE - Michael Sobczyk, Mountain View, Sr.

OL - Tyler Fannin, Mill Creek, Sr.

OL - Jack Franklin, Mill Creek, Sr.

OL - Warren Ericson, North Gwinnett, Jr.

OL - Jonathan Stewart, Mountain View, Sr.

OL - John Harris, Mill Creek, Jr.

First-team defense

DB - Zane Ashley, Peachtree Ridge, Sr.

DB - Peyton Woulard, Collins Hill, Jr.

DB - Marquel Broughton, Mountain View, Jr.

DB - Jamar Hall, Mill Creek, Sr.

LB - Victor Heyward, Mill Creek, Sr.

LB - Kameron Jones, Peachtree Ridge, Sr.

LB - Deandre Byrd, Peachtree Ridge, Sr.

LB - Blake Carroll, Mountain View, Jr.

DL - Chrinovic Mukulu, Discovery, Sr.

DL - Josh Johnson, Peachtree Ridge, Sr.

DL - Drew Jordan, North Gwinnett, Sr.

DL - Kingsley Enagbare, Peachtree Ridge, Jr.

DL - David Milon, Mill Creek, Sr.

First-team special teams

K - Brenton King, Mill Creek, Sr.

P - Zaniel Phillips, North Gwinnett, Sr.

Ret - Javonni Cunningham, North Gwinnett, So.

Second-team offense

QB - Fred Payton, Peachtree Ridge, Jr.

QB - Cade Fortin, North Gwinnett, Jr.

RB - Jasen Johnson Jr., Mountain View, Sr.

RB - Khiree Seabrook, Discovery, Jr.

WR - Dhante Hill, Mountain View, Sr.

WR - Braxton Curry, Collins Hill, Sr.

WR - Dondre Sanderson, Peachtree Ridge, Sr.

WR - Ace Williams, Mill Creek, Sr.

WR - Ricky Reed, North Gwinnett, Sr.

TE - L.J. Fisher, North Gwinnett, Jr.

OL - Nathaniel Wellington, Collins Hill, Sr.

OL - Chris Sibilia, North Gwinnett, Sr.

OL - Sean Maginn, North Gwinnett, Sr.

OL - Nick Campbell, Mill Creek, Sr.

OL - Troy Fortin, North Gwinnett, Sr.

Second-team defense

DB - D.J. Turner, North Gwinnett, So.

DB - David Parker, Peachtree Ridge, Sr.

DB - Devin Grier, Discovery, Jr.

DB - Garbentz Josue, Mountain View, Sr.

DB - Warren Burrell, North Gwinnett, So.

LB - Jomier Augustine, Collins Hill, Jr.

LB - Kenneth Lowery, Collins Hill, Jr.

LB - Cameren Carter, Duluth, Sr.

LB - Brian Eberhardt, North Gwinnett, Sr.

DL - Dixon Yellot, North Gwinnett, Sr.

DL - Jaelin Humphries, Mountain View, So.

DL - TC Harrison, Collins Hill, Jr.

DL - Ayoola Ogun-Semore, Mill Creek, Sr.

Second-team special teams

K - Carlos Ayala, Mountain View, Jr.

P - Brendan Koerner, Collins Hill, Jr.

Ret - Jack Plummer, Mill Creek, Sr.

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