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All-region teams: Dacula's Perry named 8-AAAAAA player of the year

Here is the all-region team for 8-AAAAAA, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Player of the year: CB/WR Jalen Perry, Dacula, Jr.

Offensive player of the year: QB Brock Landis, Winder-Barrow, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: LB Keith Harris, Gainesville, Sr.

Two-way player of the year: LB/FB Landen Berlin, Dacula, Sr.

Athlete of the year: QB/DB Tre' Luttrell, Gainesville, Jr.


QB - Shayne Buckingham, Dacula, Sr.

QB - A.J. Curry, Habersham Central, Sr.

RB - Tre' McMillan, Dacula, Sr.

RB - Lorenzo Stevenson, Apalachee, Sr.

RB - Jamar Mack, Winder-Barrow, Jr.

RB - Baylor Hinshaw, Habersham Central, Sr.

WR - Jim Barnett, Habersham Central, Sr.

WR - Donovan Curry, Habersham Central, Jr.

WR - Tyrik Kabir, Gainesville, Sr.

WR - Jarrad Rosser, Gainesville, Sr.

WR - Lamonta Mack, Winder-Barrow, Sr.

WR - Kenny Severe, Dacula, Sr.

WR - Mekal Fuller, Lanier, Jr.

OL - Joey Klemm, Winder-Barrow, Jr.

OL - Issac Benitez, Apalachee, Sr.

OL - Collin Foster, Lanier, Sr.

OL - Drew Turner, Gainesville, Sr.

OL - Schaefer Almoyan, Habersham Central, Sr.

OL - Bryan Mason, Habersham Central, Sr.

OL - Tyler Jones, Dacula, Sr.

OL - Trey Hill, Winder-Barrow, Sr.

OL - Mikey Magda, Lanier, Sr.

OL - Riley Adcock, Dacula, So.

OL - Nate Hodnett, Apalachee, So.

PK - Christian Jaimes, Gainesville, Sr.

PK - Harlin Brown, Winder-Barrow, So.

RET - Tre' Blackwell, Gainesville, Sr.


DL - Logan Cash, Winder-Barrow, Jr.

DL - Trever Calvert, Gainesville, Sr.

DL - Zach Ferguson, Habersham Central, Jr.

DL - Josh Agbenou, Apalachee, Jr.

DL - Peyton Bergman, Lanier, Sr.

DL - Noah Duba, Dacula, Jr.

DL - Victor Micah, Dacula, Sr.

DL - Jake Ludwig, Lanier, Jr.

LB - Kameron Brown, Lanier, Jr.

LB - Malique Johnson, Gainesville, Sr.

LB - Shaah Cooper, Dacula, Sr.

LB - Erick Turner, Lanier, Sr.

LB - Sean McDaniel, Dacula, Jr.

LB - Aaron Bagley, Winder-Barrow, Jr.

LB - Malik Johnson, Lanier, Sr.

LB - Chris Smith, Dacula, Jr.

DB - Michael Burrell, Dacula, Sr.

DB - Jaiev Khan, Dacula, Jr.

DB - O'Darion Thompson, Lanier, Jr.

DB - Josh Sims, Winder-Barrow, Sr.

DB - Chandler Watson, Gainesville, So.

DB - Chase Watson, Gainesville, So.

DB - A.J. Millbrooks, Apalachee, Jr.

DB - Ryan Mayard, Winder-Barrow, Jr.

P - Parker Miller, Apalachee, Sr.

Honorable mention: Gainesville - Craig Young, Ishmael Robinson, Max Brand. Winder-Barrow - Kevin Bruce, Deondre Millwood. Lanier - Nate Stiltner, Jason Wallace. Apalachee - Sam Skinner, Alex Stevenson. Habersham Central - Andrew Lovell, Josh Pickett. Dacula - Will Stovall, Deo Brown.

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