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All-region teams: Calvary sophomore is player of the year in 3-A East

Here is the all-region team for 3-A West, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Player of the Year: DE/RB Nolan Smith, Calvary Day, So.

Offensive Player of the Year: RB A.J. Davis, Savannah Christian, Sr.

Defensive Player of the Year: LB Jonathan Jason, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

Special Teams Player of the Year: RET Shannon Wieczorek, Calvary Day, Sr.

First-team offense

QB - Major Robinson, McIntosh County Academy, Jr.

RB - Brandon Walker, Claxton, So.

RB - Craig Ware, Portal, Jr.

RB - JP Palmer, McIntosh County Academy, Jr.

RB - Adam Byck, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

WR - Dustin Anderson, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

WR - MJ McRae, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

WR - Sharik Furman, Claxton, Jr.

WR - Thomas Wells, Calvary Day, Sr.

TE - D'Quan Douse, Calvary Day, So.

TE - Christopher Pendleton, Savannah Country Day, So.

OL - Zach Quinney, Savannah Christian, Sr.

OL - Chris Harmon, Savannah Christian, Sr.

OL - Jamie McClelan, Calvary Day, Jr.

OL - Vince Grassi, Calvary Day, Jr.

OL - Ethan Daughtry, Portal, Sr.

OL - Buster Sullivan, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

OL - Bachman Weaver, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

PK - Valentin Salazar, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

First-team defense

DL - Taequan Washington, Calvary Day, Jr.

DL - Robert Williams, Calvary Day, Jr.

DL - Joseph Roberts, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

DL - Hoston Robertson, Claxton, Jr.

DL - Barry Jackson, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

DE - Lester Jakson, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

DE - Evan Reese, Savannah Christian, Sr.

DE - Dallas Anthony, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

DE - Jalen Wingfield, Claxton, Sr.

LB - Eric Davidson, Savannah Christian, Jr.

LB - Kelstin Morgan, Claxton, Jr.

LB - Billy Drummer, Portal, Sr.

LB - Bryce Dunn, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

LB - Jonathan Palmer, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

LB - Fred Carswell, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

DB - Charviel McNeal, Portal, Sr.

DB - Simon Cummings, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

DB - Grant Thomas, Calvary Day, So.

DB - Neil Mclang, Savannah Christian, Sr.

DB - Roman Goode, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

P - Hawkins Pindar, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

Second-team offense

QB - Jordan Grant, Savannah Christian, So.

RB - Jalen Leary, Calvary Day, So.

RB - Rocco Griffin, Savannah Christian, Fr.

RB - Marquell Brown, Savannah Christian, Fr.

RB - Denver Anthony, McIntosh County Academy, Fr.

WR - Bryce O'Brien, Savannah Christian, Sr.

WR - Ron Williams, Portal, Jr.

WR - Noah Chumley, Savannah Christian, So.

WR - Norea Hunter, Claxton, So.

WR - Ashton Gambino, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

OL - Alfredo Vincente, Claxton, Sr.

OL - Marcus Jermon, Claxton, Sr.

OL - Caleb Hines, Calvary Day, Sr.

OL - Devon Howell, Portal, Sr.

OL - Dylan McMahon, Savannah Christian, So.

OL - Jay Harris, McIntosh County Academy, Jr.

OL - Courtney Jones, McIntosh County Academy, Jr.

PK - Alan Gibbs, Calvary Day, Jr.

Second-team defense

DL - Carlton World, McIntosh County Academy, Jr.

DL - Calton Bishop, Portal, So.

DL - Sayyid Stevens, Calvary Day, So.

DL - Josh Kelley, Savannah Christian, Sr.

DL - Ryan Tabakian, Savannah Christian, So.

DE - Akhira Roberts, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

DE - Miles Freeman, Claxton, So.

DE - Andre Miller, Savannah Country Day, Fr.

LB - Will Sampey, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

LB - Jaylen Williams, Portal, So.

LB - Darius Kelly, Calvary Day, Sr.

LB - Davis Gaylord, Calvary Day, So.

DB - Michael campbell, McIntosh County Academy, Jr.

DB - Ross Dunn, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

DB - Chris Dettling, Savannah Christian, Sr.

DB - Dekhel Mitchell, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

DB - A'daunte Bivens, Calvary Day, Sr.

P - Orenthial Rhymes, Claxton, Jr.

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