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If students voted, it would be Madam President. Clinton 47 percent; Trump 41.

If students voted, America would have its first woman president, although she'd win the White House without Georgia's help.

American students in grades 4-12 chose Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in a national mock election with a 24-year record of foreshadowing the real election outcome.

Nationally, Clinton collected 47 percent of the popular vote and 365 out of 538 Electoral College votes, as well as Florida, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Trump won 41 percent of the popular vote and 173 Electoral College votes, while “other” candidates, including Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party's Jill Stein, won 12 percent.

However, Clinton lost in Georgia where 47 percent of students went with Trump. Clinton earned 39 percent of student votes here.

Georgia students also veered from their peers nationally in rating their top three political concerns. Nationally, students named terrorism their No. 1 concern, followed by education and gun control.

But Georgia students put gun control as their No. 1 concern, followed by broken government and civil rights.

The 300,000 votes by students were part of OneVote 2016, a project of Channel One News, a Houghton Mifflin Harcourt company. Channel One News is a daily news program that reaches more than 6 million students in U.S. classrooms, according to the company. Voting took place in schools Oct. 17-21.

“Our mock election has accurately predicted the next president of the United States in every OneVote poll since the program began in 1992. In a few weeks, we will see if that record holds,” said Angela Hunter, senior vice president and executive producer at Channel One News, in an official statement.

Here are some more details about the student votes:

Donald Trump carried several swing states, including:

Iowa: Trump 47%, Clinton 37%, Other 16%

Michigan: Trump 44%, Clinton 43%, Other 13%

Ohio: Trump 47%, Clinton 39%, Other 14%

Hillary Clinton carried:

Arizona: Clinton 53%, Trump 29%, Other 18%

Colorado: Clinton 55%, Trump 33%, Other 11%

Florida: Clinton 53%, Trump 35%, Other 12%

Maine: Clinton 48.5%, Trump 37%, Other 14.5%

Nevada: Clinton 65%, Trump 25%, Other 10%

New Hampshire: Clinton 48.5%, Trump 38.5%, Other 13%

North Carolina: Clinton 56%, Trump 35%, Other 9%

Pennsylvania: Clinton 51%, Trump 40%, Other 9%

Virginia: Clinton 45%, Trump 41%, Other 14%

Clinton also won a few traditionally red states, such as Missouri (45% to Trump’s 42%) and Texas (56% to 31%).

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