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Parent video message to APS educators: "My prayers go out to you."

I am getting comments from readers concerned about the possibility of jail time for the Atlanta educators found guilty this week by a Fulton County jury.

In conversations, I have found deeply divided reactions to the guilty verdicts handed down to 11 of 12 educators on trial for test cheating.

One view: No millionaire Wall Street bankers went to jail for lending abuses that crippled the U.S. economy, yet teachers are marched off to jail. And legislators get slaps on the wrist for taking bribes or using their offices to enrich themselves.

The other view: These educators cheated children for their own benefit and refused multiple opportunities to take pleas and avoid trial. They deserve what they get.

Here is an example of the former  -- a video from a longtime Atlanta parent activist maintaining corruption is rampant in Georgia and Washington politics. Yet, it is only teachers who are brought to trial.

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