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Congrats to students admitted today to Georgia Tech. You're in good company.

Hundreds of Georgia students found out today if they will be Yellow Jackets in the fall. Georgia Tech released its regular decision admits at noon.

Between the early action students who found out in January and today's regular decision admits, 7,297 students were offered a slot at Georgia Tech this year. Georgia Tech saw a 3 percent increase in applications, for a total of 31,484.

The overall admit rate is 23 percent, meaning Tech admitted slightly more than two out of every 10 applicants. However, the admit rate is higher for Georgia applicants; 44 percent of in-state applicants earned admission.

The average ACT of a student admitted to Tech is 33. The highest ACT score possible is a 36. The average ACT score in Georgia is 21.1.

The average SAT of a student admitted to Tech is 1458, out of 1600. The average SAT score in Georgia is 976. The average number of college-level courses taken by admitted students is 10.6.

According to Tech:

This year’s admit pool includes students from all 50 states and Washington, D.C. The group is 42 percent female and 58 percent male. African-American and Hispanic students make up 15 percent of the pool, and first-generation college students make up 5 percent.

From Georgia, the admit pool represents 18 more Georgia high schools than last year and seven more counties (for a total of 101 counties). It also includes 300 more Georgia residents.

As interest in Tech continues to climb, so does the quality of the applicant pool. Rick Clark, director of Undergraduate Admission, has been at Tech for nearly 14 years and has seen a difference in recent applicants.

“More students seem to be applying who understand our motto of Progress and Service and mission of improving the human condition,” he said. “They appreciate who we are as an institution and want to be part of creating the next in their field, which is incredibly encouraging.”

This year, Undergraduate Admission also included faculty members from all six colleges in its committee reviews in both Early Action and Regular Decision rounds.

Looking back, the numbers for this admitted class are drastically different from what current Tech students may remember from when they applied. For fifth-year Tech students, they applied in a pool half the size — 14,711 — with an admit rate of 55 percent.

The issuing of admission decisions means the beginning of recruiting and yield season for Undergraduate Admission. It will host a series of Gold Carpet Days for admitted students to visit campus in March and April, so most Fridays the campus community will see a large influx of admitted students and families on campus.

“Recruiting the best possible class is a collective campus effort," he said. "We hope people will congratulate these students and their families and be welcoming and friendly if they see guests on campus." Students, faculty, and staff are also encouraged to follow and join the conversation among admitted students on social media using #gt21.

Beyond its regular yield efforts, Undergraduate Admission is looking forward to an active spring and summer. The team is working on creating a running tour of campus that is being piloted with high school admission counselors this month. It’s also implementing Slate, a software designed to enhance the experience for guests visiting campus for tours and information sessions, improve branding within recruitment communications, and help streamline file review for admission counselors by letting them read files more efficiently.

The final deadline in this year’s admission cycle is the deposit deadline of Monday, May 1.

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