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Brutal beating at a DeKalb middle school. In school. In supervised suspension.

A poster asked that we  discuss an upsetting cellphone video out of DeKalb County capturing the attack of a child at Cedar Grove Middle School by another student.

Channel 11 aired the footage and interviewed the mother of the victim about the attack on her 12-year-old by a 14-year-old during supervised suspension. The mother told 11 Alive her son has a broken nose.

(Note: The news report calls the school Cedar Middle, but I confirmed with DeKalb Schools it was Cedar Grove.)

A couple of quick points:

  1. Someone was poised to record this attack. The assailant should not be the only one facing punishment if an accomplice was involved and this was an orchestrated event for a video. (An aside: In all these alarming classroom videos we have been seeing, the blasé response of the other students is unnerving.) I asked DeKalb Schools spokesman Quin Hudson today whether the student who recorded and posted the assault was punished, and he said he couldn't give out any information due to privacy requirements.  "We are very limited in what we can say due to the age of the students," he said.
  2. It took the teacher about seven seconds to reach the boys and stop the assault.  A lot of blows rained down in that short time, which shows how quickly these incidents can happen and cause serious harm.

With that, here's the video of the attack and the news story:

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