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Quotes from Georgia Tech-Clemson

“I’ve got unbelievable guys. I just really do. They were as ticked off during some of the timeouts as we were. Because we didn’t play well. We didn’t play well. And I say that, (Clemson) had everything to do with it. Our guys were ready, our guys are tough. They took us out of everything. They took us out of everything offensively. Defensively, we were on our heels. But our guys responded. At the 10-minute mark, we had a timeout where we just talked about trying to chip away at it. I said at the six-, seven-minute mark, ‘Let’s get it under 10.’ Last four minutes, all of the sudden, we get some fouls, we look up and it’s a two-possession, three-possession game. We were right where we wanted to be. I said it in the press conference – they had the best player for the first 30 minutes (Jaron Blossomgame). We had the two best players the last 15 (Marcus Georges-Hunt and Adam Smith) and that made the difference.” – Georgia Tech coach Brian Gregory

“I sensed a little bit before the game, guys were a little nervous. We were out of sorts.” – Gregory

“We’ve pretty much got to take this win, celebrate, sleep, wake up and just do it all over again. Not in overtime, probably. But just prepare for Virginia. We’ve definitely got to send a message, especially from the first game, let them know, the fans know, any critics know that (the win in January) wasn’t a fluke.” – forward Nick Jacobs

“I can’t stress enough how James (White) stepped up tonight. He took a couple of my baskets. I’m fine with that.” – Jacobs

“Especially around this time of year, crazy stuff happens all the time. As long as heads were in it, we’ve got a chance.” – guard Josh Heath

“Honest, at one point in that game, I felt like it was going to be my last one. That’s when that fight came out. I think I speak for all the seniors when I say that it feels good, but you almost have to put this one behind you. It’s such a quick turnaround. You can’t be happy with having one more game. You have to prepare for that game, go out there and just fight again. You fight to not make that one your last one. It’s a continuous cycle.” – guard Adam Smith

“I think a young team will go about it like, We’re going to get it all back in one or two possessions. It’s basketball – it just doesn’t work that way. You’ve just got to keep chipping away. And when the time comes, you’ve got to make plays.” – Smith

“It feels great, being that we fought back and we didn’t stop believing. I think that’s what’s been key for us. We’ve been down, but we stayed together and we kept believing that if we got one stop at a time, everything else would take care of itself.” – guard Marcus Georges-Hunt

“I definitely had a lot of confidence. I said in my head, ‘It’s over. It’s time to take it.’ I just told my team, ‘We have to take it one possession at a time and execute on offense. No empty possessions, and lets’ get it.’” – Georges-Hunt on overtime

“Obviously, in some ways, we thought about going zone a couple times. Because of Adam Smith and his shooting ability, we weren’t sure that it would be a good move. Hindsight, we probably should have tried it at least a little bit in the end.”– Clemson coach Brad Brownell

“I feel like the whole entire game we were together, then we kind of shaded away at the end of the game. I would say, just, we were up by 18, I felt like we just laid back and weren’t as aggressive or together at the end of the game.” – Clemson guard Avry Holmes

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