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Mailbag wrapup

Just finished the third mailbag on the Georgia Tech page. Thanks to all who contributed questions and read along. We had good participation numbers again and a lot of good questions.

There were a few questions I didn’t get to at the end that I’ll post here. The rest can be read on the main Tech page.

Q: Do you think signalling in of plays & up tempo will make a positive difference?

A: I think so. I think giving Johnson the ability to make switches at the line of scrimmage will help a first-year starting quarterback, and, I think it's pretty clear what sort of impact an up-tempo offense can have on a defense.

Q: Looking at our opponents, some teams are losing key players---including some that have been a thorn in our side. For example: VT---Logan Thomas, Clemson Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins. Have you had a chance to look at our opponents? I wonder how the teams specifically in our conference (Miami, VT) look going into the season.

A: I haven’t looked at them much, to be honest, but for Miami and Virginia Tech, specifically, beat writers for both those teams answered questions for the blog that you can read here (VT) and here (Miami).

Q: How do you see the QB battle playing out, and will we see 1 play exclusively or both in situations where each has a unique capability suited to the situation at hand.

A: I think both Justin Thomas and Tim Byerly will play, and I can see Byerly maybe having a short-yardage role.

Q: I like the mailbag, would be nice to have on game days after the games, any chance?

A: I like the idea, but I’m pretty swamped in the hours after games, so it’d have to be a lot later or maybe the next day. My many bosses read the blog, so consider your suggestion forwarded.

Q: I'm not in love with the option, but that is what GT was dealt so I'll cheer for it.  My question is do you think Justin Thomas will truly grasp the option reads or will he be more of a guesser and try to get by on his speed alone?  I really hope he grasps the option or it might be a painful season.

A: I believe he’s committed to learning it, so I think in time he will. I guess the question is how long it will take.

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