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How every ACC school sent out its official scholarship offers

Monday was the first day that college coaches could make written scholarship offers to rising seniors, and ACC coaches didn't waste time. Of the ACC's 14 coaching staffs, apparently 13 sent offers by Twitter, undoubtedly in hopes that the offers would be tweeted out by the recipients, who did not fail. Among ACC schools, some were pretty good, some fairly bland. Putting ACC recruiting department's social-media skills under examination...


Boston College

A little busy, but different. 2017 ACC all-name team, captain: Caleb Stoneburner


The “Offer accepted” stamp is a nice touch. Nike swoosh count: 5 (one partially obstructed). Small editing matter: The letter, ostensibly from coach Dabo Swinney, refers to “Coach Swinney” in the letter.


No sense in not being who you are. The best executed of the diploma-style offer letters.

Florida State

FSU uses a highly visual approach, which maybe is the best use of the Twitter medium. Something’s missing, though. Maybe it’s that it doesn’t feel like the offer is being celebrated and is more like a challenge, though perhaps that’s the point. (Or perhaps I’m thinking about this a little too much.)

Georgia Tech

It’s visually different, and the personalization is also a separator. The sentence laying out the expectation of honesty is quintessential Paul Johnson. Funny – no Russell Athletic logos to be found.


Coach Bobby Petrino goes with the ALL CAPS. The signature is subtle and understated.


Exclamation point tally – Miami 3, Tech 0.

North Carolina

Pretty straightforward. Odd that the second mention of “University of North Carolina” almost looks like it's in a “insert school name here” kind of space.

N.C. State

One of the better ones. Simple, visually appealing and writing that is energetic and easy to read. Including the combined value of player contracts for active NFL players from N.C. State is clever.


It would appear that Pitt didn’t go the Twitter route to deliver its official offers. This recipient, Darian Street, is the younger brother of former Pitt All-ACC receiver Devin Street.


Not bad, not great. It reads a bit like a sales pitch (which it is). No mention of the weather, though.


Simple, but maybe a little too simple. Joey Blount, by the way, is from Landmark Christian.

Virginia Tech

The No. 17 jersey bears similarities to Georgia Tech’s letter. The sentence “Virginia Tech is a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference” sort of feels like a seventh-grader trying to reach his word requirement for a paper, as does spelling out “twenty three” in the next sentence (a reference to the bowl streak).

Wake Forest

Not the greatest execution, at least as a tweet, because it is difficult to read. Also, while Wake Forest probably faces the greatest challenge of any ACC school in winning the league, I’m not sure I understand highlighting that the school has won two conference championships.

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