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Georgia Tech looking for offensive line rotation and 3 more notes

Georgia Tech offensive line coach Mike Sewak has four starters (left tackle Bryan Chamberlain, left guard Trey Braun, center Freddie Burden and right tackle Errin Joe) and a likely fifth (right guard Shamire Devine). Among his next steps is finding dependable backups.

Sewak wants to assemble a seven- or eight-man group that can rotate and “go ahead and give us all they’ve got for as long as they’ve got.” Two strong candidates are center Andrew Marshall, a sophomore and Trey Klock, a redshirt freshman.

“After that, there’s just a bag full,” Sewak said. “You’ve got Will (Bryan) and you’ve got Gary (Brown) and you’ve got ‘Stick’ (Jake Stickler) and you’ve got Eason Fromayan. Out of those four guys, someone has to step up.”

Sewak has moved around Marshall in hopes of finding him a place to play, as Burden has the starting job essentially locked down. He’s tried Marshall at both guard and tackle.

Devine showing more

Like coach Paul Johnson, Sewak was encouraged by Devine’s play in the scrimmage last Saturday. Sewak thought that perhaps Devine was embarrassed by his performance in the first scrimmage. What Sewak is wanting to see from Devine is play-to-play consistency, matching and surpassing the drive of opposing defense linemen and, in Sewak’s words, “bringing it” on each snap.

“The want to has to be there,” Sewak said. “I saw a little bit of it (in the scrimmage).”

At the movies

Last week, as a teaching tool, Sewak showed the line game video from last year, including cut-ups from the Miami, Virginia, Georgia, Florida State and Mississippi State games. Sewak used it to show the younger players different techniques and defenses.

Joe took it as a motivational device.

Joe said the review evoked “just the feeling of dominance. Definitely, everybody going full speed ahead and basically getting movement on the ball. The one thing we talked about (was) getting to the point of attack and then getting those 18 inches of movement, blowing off the ball. Definitely, clips of Georgia. That’s when Coach was really showing it, coming off the ball, coming off hard. Just kind of doing the same thing and trying to do it every play.”

Bryan making bid

Bryan, an offensive tackle, was with the “varsity” – Tech’s term for starters and backups expected to play or be available – starting the week.

“He’s pushing (to stay with the varsity),” Sewak said. “He’s definitely pushing.”

Freshmen getting taxed

Sewak said he had “kind of hit a wall with some of those younger guys. I don’t think they realize how important it is to get every block. I don’t think they realize how important every series is, how important every snap is, how important every opportunity is, that you don’t get a second chance.”

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