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“First half defensively, we tried to do some different things, (but) we had no answers for them whatsoever, and then my staff did a great job at halftime suggesting a couple changes in our ball-screen coverages, changes in our matchups. And all that’s great, but the guys have to go out there and execute. And they did. They did an unbelievable job of executing the defensive changes in the second half and some of the offensive stuff that we wanted to do in the second half. So it was a total team effort – staff did a great job, players did a great job and we beat a very, very good team.” – Brian Gregory

“I just made the decision and called one of our open-court plays, and Ben (Lammers) did a good job of executing the screen and Marcus (Georges-Hunt) did a good job. Because of the really good screen execution, we had our shooters spaced, (so) he was able to get an angle to the rim, and he got fouled pretty good on that one. Again, our execution down the stretch – Marcus made a tough play on that one (play that resulted in a turnover in the final minute), but other than that, pretty good.” – Gregory on the decision to not call timeout on the final possession

“We played AAU together, so it was like going back and forth kind of thing, nothing to prove, just he’s a real competitor, and I am, too. So playing him, you’ve got to be ready to compete, because he’s going to bring it every night.” – Georges-Hunt on guarding Jaron Blossomgame in the second half

“I feel like we’ve been there so many times. You’ve got to get sick and tired of it and you have to do something about it. Taking on a challenge, too, executing the last four minutes, that’s the last round of the game, and the last couple games, we’ve been doing a great job at that. Seeing everybody’s calm – it doesn’t look like they’re speeding us up. Everybody’s just calm and we just run the play and try to execute and we get what we want for the most part” – Georges-Hunt on playing better in the final minutes

“We couldn’t guard Adam Smith and Marcus Georges-Hunt. Second-half offense was really good for them tonight. I think they have a good team. I think they’re a little bit under the radar right now, but they’re playing good basketball. Brian has done a good job of really keeping those guys together and focused. They seem like really good kids. They play hard. They’re just playing really well. They believe in each other and they got a guy in Marcus Georges-Hunt who’s an all-league type guy.” – Clemson coach Brad Brownell

“I’ve just always kind of been like that. I think every shooter is like that. When they see the ball go through the rim, they just feel more comfortable. They gain more confidence. Kudos to these guys – they kept finding me, Coach Gregory and the staff kept calling plays my way, and I was converting them.” – Smith on getting hot in the second half

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