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Do you support requiring Georgia drivers to use hands-free cell phone technology?

As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Wednesday, some Georgia lawmakers want to address rising traffic fatalities by requiring drivers to use hands-free cell phone technology.

House Bill 673 also would increase the fine for distracted driving from $150 to up to $900 for repeat offenders. And it would increase the penalty from 1 point assessed against a driver’s license to up to 4 points for repeat offenders. Drivers with 15 points in a 24-month period lose their licenses.

The tougher penalties are intended to get Georgia drivers to put down their cell phones and pay attention to the road. Experts say distracted driving has contributed to a spike in traffic fatalities in Georgia over the last few years.

A House of Representatives committee studied the issue last year. You can read a PDF copy of its report here. And you can read more about the bill here.

But we’d like to know: Do you support legislation requiring hands-free cell phone technology and tougher penalties? Do you see this as an unnecessary government intrusion on the rights of motorists?

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