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Squiggly lines on the interstate a mystery

State transportation officials say they aren't sure why reflective lane marking tape is peeling up along the edges of some of metro Atlanta's most heavily traveled interstates.

The Stamark 3M tape has been used for about 15 years all around the state, but in recent weeks drivers have reported seeing wads of the lane markings that peeled off and came to rest on the side of the road. Other lines that have loosened and now look wavy.

Drivers interviewed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday said they had seen problems with lane markings on Ga. 400 South between Holcomb Bridge Road and the Perimeter; on the west side of I-285 near I-20; and on I-20 West near Covington.

A spokesperson for GDOT said the department will meet in coming weeks with the contractor who installed the lane markings and the manufacturer of the product to determine what went wrong and find a solution.

Have you encountered other areas with messed up lane markings?


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