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Smog alert: Get out your inhalers!

Georgia Commute Options has issued a Code Orange alert today. And no, that doesn't mean free Cheetos are available in the break room. (I wish).

The “Code Orange” Smog Alert -- the first issued this year --  means the air is unhealthy for sensitive groups like older adults, children, and people who suffer from heart or lung conditions like asthma.

Smog Alerts are color-coded based on the Air Quality Index. Based on the concentration of pollutants, categories go from green (healthy for all), yellow (affects people with extreme sensitivity), orange and red (unhealthy for everyone) to purple (very unhealthy).

Two Code Purple alerts were issued last year, and nine Code Oranges.

Metro Atlanta residents can subscribe to get the alerts at GaCommuteOptions.com.

You can help prevent air pollution by driving less, since a major source of it is from tailpipe emissions. Georgia Commute Options encourages everyone to consider telecommuting, ride-sharing, or taking transit.

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