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Should Georgia require drivers to use hands-free phone technology? Take our poll

A state House of Representatives committee studying distracted driving held its last meeting Monday and will soon begin crafting recommendations on how to combat the problem.

One likely solution: Requiring drivers to use hands-free phone devices in their cars. Current Georgia law already prohibits anyone under 18 with a learner’s permit from using wireless devices while driving. It also prohibits adults from texting while driving.

But police officers say it’s hard to enforce the law. Is that driver texting or merely dialing their phone? It’s hard for officers to tell. A solicitor, a judge and several sheriff’s deputies told the House committee Monday that prohibiting any hand-held use of electronics would make the law easier to enforce and make Georgia roads safer.

The committee is expected to release its recommendation in December. In the meantime, what do you think? Should Georgia drivers be prohibited from fiddling with their phones or other electronic gadgets? Register your opinion below. And if you’re willing to be quoted in an article, contact me at dwickert@ajc.com.


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