Spinning our Wheels

Spinning our Wheels is a commuting blog about the challenges of getting around Atlanta by car, bus, MARTA, bicycles and on foot written by transportation reporter David Wickert


Talk about job security.

For metro Atlanta commuter like me and you, it seems like every morning brings new bottlenecks and breakdowns. I’ve lived in this region since 1989. And every year brings congestion that’s just a little bit worse than the year before.

Bus riders and vanpoolers are generally stuck in the same traffic as single-car commuters. MARTA riders often face obstacles trying to reach a station or catch a timely train. Even walkers and bicyclists encounter daily perils trying to share the road or access a network of trails, sidewalks and bike lanes that is all too limited.

In other words, the need for news about commuting has never been more urgent than it is right now.

And that’s where this intrepid transportation blogger comes in.

Like you, I wage a daily battle to get to my job in one of the busiest employment hubs in the region. Like you, getting to work is all too often a white-knuckle affair.

I often find myself sitting in traffic for an hour and a half just trying to navigate between my house in Johns Creek, my child's daycare provider in Peachtree Corners and my office in Dunwoody. And that doesn't count all the times I commute downtown for events, interviews and leisure activities.

I’m committed to holding the powers-that-be accountable for this mess. But I’m also committed to keeping it real. And sometimes that means holding up a mirror. For it is often our own choices and behaviors that are contributing to the problem.

So let’s face it. And where we can, let’s try to fix it.

Because we’ve all got places to be.

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