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New term for your driver's license: 8 years

Your new driver's license in Georgia will now be good for eight years, the Department of Driver Services reports.

For most people, that's three extra years, at a total cost of $32, or four bucks a year.

DDS Commissioner Bert Brantley noted in a news release that many people will be able to renew once online, making the period between visits to the state driver's license center even longer.

Some drivers can't get the eight-year license, including teenagers, commercial vehicle drivers and those with limited permits.

Visit the Department of Driver Services' website for more information. Customer service is better at DDS centers, but refer to the website to make sure you have the required documents.

A DDS spokeswoman reminds us that, although you used to be able to renew for 10 years, that went by the boards in 2012 when the U.S. Department of Homeland Security tightened up ID requirements.


This item previously said that the eight-year license was not available to older drivers. That information was incorrect and has been removed. The DDS says that the eight-year license is available to all drivers except those listed above: teens, commercial vehicle drivers and those with limited permits. 



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