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C'mon man! Airport sign shames Atlanta

The boldly lettered sign displays a man in a business suit and says Dress for ATL Success (Subhead: "Look your best, act your best and be the best!).

Then comes the unfortunate part. The words "Wold Class" are floating in a big red bubble off to the right.

Wold class?

The spelling error alone is grimace-inducing. But a reader who snapped this photo on Wednesday said the sign has been posted prominently just outside the airport MARTA station for at least two months.

A Hartsfield-Jackson traveler reported the mistake and called it "pathetic."

Pathetic is one word for it. Embarrassing is another. Thousands of visitors pass through the world's busiest airport every day.

I emailed a picture of the sign to airport spokesman Reese McCranie, who did some checking around and found out that the ad misspelling was a production error. Another identical sign just down the hall does not have the misspelling -- perhaps that's why it was not caught, he guessed.

He said the ad will come down first thing Thursday morning. Update: The sign has come down

"We haven’t gotten any complaints about it," McCranie said. "Thank you to you and your reader for bringing it to our attention, because now that we know there is a spelling error there, we are taking that ad down."

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