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MARTA previews new buses

MARTA on Thursday offered the public a preview of new articulated buses that will be rolling out early next year.

MARTA has been testing the new buses for the past week on high-ridership routes before introducing them to customers.

The transit agency is considering purchasing 18 of the new buses at an approximate cost of $900,000 each. They won't replace MARTA's other buses, but will be incorporated into the fleet.

"We are currently reviewing the routes to determine where these buses will be of the most benefit to our customers," said MARTA spokeswoman Alisa Jackson in an email. "However, we are still confirming that the length of these buses will adhere to public safety standards at certain locations i.e., being able to stop at a bus stop without interfering with a cross walk or right of way."

Some facts about the buses:

Length: 60 feet (compared to normal bus length of 40 feet)

Capacity: up to 56 seated and up to 67 standing

Weight: 43,180 pounds

Powered by: Compressed Natural Gas

Manufacturer: New Flyer Xcelsior

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