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MARTA Police on alert after Brussels attacks

There is no specific threat to U.S. transit agencies from terrorist groups in the wake of terrorist attacks in Brussels, authorities said Tuesday, however MARTA Police are ramping up their presence at rail stations as a precaution.

MARTA Police also urged passengers to download and use the See & Say app to report any suspicious behavior. Lt. Aston Greene, who supervises MARTA Police's emergency preparedness unit, said that the department's 16 canines and their handling officers have been deployed. And while no additional police have been called in, all the officers who were scheduled to work have been pulled from administrative duties to patrol areas in and around stations.

Particular attention is being given to the airport MARTA station and the more heavily traveled areas like Five Point Station..

"We are being as vigilant as possible," said Green.

Green said he was on a Transportation Security Administration-led phone call earlier in the day with law enforcement officials and transit authorities around the country. He said TSA officials advised increased patrols and watchfulness, but said there was no specific threat of another attack at a U.S. transit station.

Monica Tubbs, who was buying a Breeze card outside the Georgia State station Tuesday afternoon, hadn't heard about the attacks in Brussels. She said it made her feel "kinda scared" now.

"There's a lot going on int he world really, and a lot of people catch the train through the airport," Tubbs said. "That's very scary to think about."

Outside the Lindbergh MARTA station, several passengers mingled in a waiting area before getting on a bus.

Julio Griffin, of Atlanta, said he wasn't worried about a possible bombing on MARTA.

"What happens, happens and you can't stop it," Griffin shrugged.







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