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Macon-to-Atlanta truck lanes would be unprecedented

The $2 billion proposed truck lanes to be built on I-75 between Macon and McDonough will be the first of its kind in the United States.

The two barrier separated lanes -- 40 miles of them -- will be free for truckers to use, and they will go only in the northbound direction toward Atlanta. Truck traffic from the port of Savannah to Atlanta along I-16 and I-75 is expected to double or even triple in coming years.

Truck lanes exist on the New Jersey Turnpike, but there are some key differences. Cars are permitted to use the turnpike truck lanes, and all traffic is tolled.

Elsewhere in the country, there are a few short segments of truck lanes that are primarily used as bypasses or as connectors to or from a port. But nothing approaching the size and scope of what Georgia wants to build.

To read more about why the Georgia Department of Transportation is pursuing this unprecedented project, and staking $2 billion on its success, check out the in-depth and exclusive coverage of the issue in Sunday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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