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Lyft launches new carpooling service

The ride sharing app Lyft will debut a new carpooling service in Atlanta beginning Thursday called Lyft Line, which lets customers share rides for up to a 60 percent savings on the cost per trip.

Lyft Line matches customers with other riders who are traveling the same way so they can split the fare. Even if a patron's route doesn't match with anyone else, they would still pay a fixed price that is less than the price of riding alone, according to a Lyft press release.

For example, traveling from Lenox to Midtown on regular Lyft service is $11, but on Lyft Line it's $7.15. A another sample fare from Hartsfield-Jackson airport to Midtown would cost $16 ordinarily, but when shared it's $10.40.

In conjunction with the launch, Lyft Line is offering a deeper discounts of 35 percent of the cost of original Lyft service for trips that begin and end within the zone identified in the map below.

Lyft Line first launched in San Francisco in August 2014, and it now accounts for half of all rides there and in New York City. The service is also available in several other cities including Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

Uber began offering a similar service called UberPOOL in Atlanta in December.

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