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Less traffic on the Perimeter? It's true, and here are the numbers.

Believe it or not, but there's less traffic along the north side of the Perimeter than there was 20 years ago, according to the Georgia DOT's counts.

The map below shows the average two-way daily traffic for the years 1995, 2005 and 2014 along segments of I-285 and some of the main roads that feed it.

In every segment along I-285 between I-75 and I-85, the count for 2014 is down from 1995.

Take the segment between I-75 and Ga 400, for example. In 1995, an average of 232,000 vehicles used that part of the Perimeter daily. In 2005, that number dropped to 197,000, then rose to 215,000 in 2014, still well under the volume seen in 1995.

During the same period, the volumes on Ga 400, I-20 and I-85 on the north side of town saw increases between 30,000 and 60,000 vehicles since 1995. I-75 was different however. Its volume has decreased significantly since 2005 to levels close or below those seen in 1995.

To explore the graphic below, pull the slider at top right to select a year. Scroll over each road segment to get the average daily vehicle count. Explore more of the GDOT's traffic counts at the GeoCounts site.



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