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KKK and GDOT to face off in court

The Ku Klux Klan will face off with Georgia Department of Transportation Monday afternoon in the state Supreme Court over whether the white supremacy group should be able to join the Adopt-A-Highway Program.

GDOT denied the KKK a permit to sponsor and adopt a mile-long stretch of highway in Union County near the North Carolina state line in 2012.

IN DEPTH: Court to decide whether KKK can adopt Georgia Road

As part of program requirements, a group agrees to take responsibility for litter removal from at least a 1-mile stretch of road. The state in return erects a sign bearing the group's name.

The Fulton County Superior Court judge ruled against GDOT after the KKK sued with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union. The decision was subsequently appealed. Oral arguments in the case are to be heard Monday in the Supreme Court of Georgia.

GDOT attorney Matt Cline said the court is unlikely to rule from the bench. A decision would probably come some weeks later.


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