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GDOT warns stranded I-285 drivers: "Don't turn around on interstate"

There are early reports that some drivers stuck on I-285 at Peachtree Industrial due to the small plane crash have been trying to turn around on the interstate.

Georgia Department of Transportation officials issued a warning Friday morning following the 10 a.m. wreck that this is very unsafe. Authorities are asking people to sit tight while they are working to get drivers diverted off the interstate safely.

GDOT spokeswoman Karlene Barron advises:

"I think the message is if you can safely exit the interstate, definitely do so. For those who are turning and going the wrong direction, that is not something that is advisable. HERO operators are working with police and as soon as we can get to people who are stuck between ramps we’ll be working to get them out of there. Turning around on the interstate and going the wrong direction is a very unsafe thing to do and we wouldn’t advise anybody do that."

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