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GDOT elects new leaders

The State Transportation Board on Thursday elected a new executive leadership team.

Emily Dunn was named chairman, Robert L. Brown, Jr. was named vice chairman, and Jamie Boswell was named secretary. Board elections are held annually to ensure that all regions of the state are represented at the executive leadership level.

Dunn, of Blue Ridge, represents Georgia’s 9th Congressional District. She is currently the board vice chairman, chair of the Communications Committee, and serves on six other committees. As Board chairman, she will serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.

Dunn replaces Don Grantham of Augusta (Congressional District 12), who has served as chairman for one year.

Dunn was first elected to the board in 2011 and was re-elected to a five-year term in 2013. She is a business and civic leader, president of an amusement company and a registered nurse.

Details on the other new leaders are are follows:

Brown, of Decatur, represents Georgia’s 4th Congressional District. He currently serves as board secretary and is on five committees. Brown has served on the Transportation Board for 10 years. He is a business, community and civic leader, a registered architect, and president and CEO of an architectural and construction management firm.

Boswell, of Athens, represents the 10th Congressional District and was elected to the board in 2013. He chairs the Property Utilization Committee and serves on four other committees. Boswell, a business and civic leader, is president and owner of a group of insurance, real estate and appraisal companies.

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