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Email scam targets Georgia drivers

The Georgia Department of Driver Services and the Georgia Department of Revenue issued a warning Thursday about an email scam that asks drivers to verify their driving license details or face license suspension.

The e-mail purports to have been sent from the Department of Motor Vehicles. But state officials say it's a common phishing scam designed to steal drivers' personal information. Internet criminals use the information to commit identity theft.

“The Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicles Division (MVD) employees do not contact customers to ask for personal or confidential information, such as Driver's license or Social Security numbers via email and anyone who receives such a communication should consider it is a scam to steal your identity,” said Department of Revenue Motor Vehicles Division Director Georgia Steele in a press release.  “We want Georgians to protect themselves against these crimes by never providing personal information in email.”

Customers that conduct business through the secure DDS website, www.dds.ga.gov, receive email confirmation from a secure email specifically from Department of Driver Services OnlineServices@dds.ga.gov after their service is complete.

Drivers should also be on the lookout for deceptive websites that claim to provide information and services for Georgia drivers. The official state driver services website is www.dds.ga.gov (not .org or .com).

Georgians should be cautious of any unsolicited emails claiming to be sent by government departments, banks or companies that instruct them to follow a link or open an attachment to update or verify personal information.

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month in Georgia. For more information, visit http://gta.georgia.gov/cyber-security-awareness-main-page.

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