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Downtown Connector ramps to close nightly

Overnight drivers along the Downtown Connector can expect just as much traffic as daytime riders.

For about a week, the ramps along the Downtown Connector will close for a 6-mile resurfacing project from University Avenue to the Brookwood interchange, the Georgia Department of Transportation said. The highway was last resurfaced in 2008.

Resurfacing work began at 9 p.m. Monday and is expected to end at 5 a.m. next Monday.

The Brookwood and I-20 interchanges will not have complete ramp closures. Emergency vehicles will be allowed access to the ramps. Exact dates may change due to weather or other factors.

Here are the ramp closures:

9 p.m. Mon., Aug. 8 to 5 a.m. Tues., Aug.9:  northbound entrance ramp from Freedom Parkway/Irwin Street underpass

9 p.m. Tues., Aug. 9 to 5 a.m. Wed., Aug. 10: I-75/I-85 northbound exit ramp 249B to Pine and Peachtree streets near the Civic Center

9 p.m. Wed., Aug. 10 to 5 a.m. Thurs., Aug. 11: I-75/I-85 northbound exit ramp to Spring and West Peachtree streets (Exit No. 249D)

9 p.m. Thur., Aug. 11 to 5 a.m. Fri., Aug. 12: I-75/I-85 northbound exit ramp to Spring and West Peachtree streets (Exit No. 249D)

9 p.m. Fri., Aug. 12 to 8 a.m. Sat., Aug. 13: I-75/I-85 northbound entrance ramp from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

9 p.m.  Sat., Aug. 13 to 9 a.m. Sun., Aug. 14: NO WORK ON DOWNTOWN CONNECTOR PROJECT

9 p.m. Sun., Aug. 14 to 5 a.m. Mon., Aug. 15: I-75/I-85 northbound entrance ramp from Spring and Williams streets

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