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Coming to the Connector: New paint, wider stripes, less weaving?

New pavement markings and restriping are being added to selected lanes of the Downtown Connector to cut down on the weaving that slows traffic and causes wrecks.

The Georgia Department of Transportation will spend about $356,000 on the project, which will direct motorists traveling through downtown. These so-called "operational enhancements" will begin at the Brookwood Split and end at University Avenue.

Interstate shields painted on the pavement -- you've seen them near the north-end split and above the Grady Curve, will give drivers a heads-up about the I-75/I-85 splits and the I-20 interchange.  Wider stripes and reflective markers also will be placed between certain lanes to separate traffic proceeding through downtown from local traffic that's entering and exiting.

The wider stripe is intended to distinguish "through" lanes from exit lanes and deter last-minute lane changing, according to a GDOT press release.

But as usual, traffic will get worse before it gets better. You can expect slow-moving equipment and rolling lane closures while work is ongoing between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. on weeknights and on weekends.

Contractors began working on the project in late June and are expected to finish this fall.

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