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Bikers can fix a flat at MARTA

Bicyclists who may be limping along with a flat tire or dislodged chain can find help at MARTA stations, now that several bike repair kiosks are being installed.

The stations provide free repair equipment and air pumps. It's yet another way that MARTA is working to lure in more alternative commuters (in addition to a recent partnership with the ride-hailing app Uber, fresh farmers markets and free Wi-Fi).

The first such bike repair kiosk is already open at Lindbergh Center. There will be a total of eight to start, and perhaps more in the future if more funding comes available. The idea came as a result of a crowdsourcing initiative with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition

to fund and install the kiosks on MARTA property.

The group raised more than $2,000 through donations from customers, staffers and MARTA board members like Jim Durrett, who's an avid cyclist and executive director of the Buckhead Community Improvement District.

"To provide the opportunity for people to fix their own bikes right there at a MARTA station, it’s just another great service to provide people who are using their bicycles in order to get to or from a MARTA station," said Durrett.

Matching funds were obtained from The Transit Center and MailChimp, which brought the total haul to $8,000. Each kiosk costs about $1,000, according to MARTA spokeswoman Saba Long.

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