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You won't believe the scary, crazy stuff people try to carry onto planes

The holiday travel season is upon us and that might be long security checkpoint lines at the airport. You might not mind waiting a while, though, when you check out some of the items TSA searches are keeping off the airplanes we fly.

MORE: People keep trying to get pink guns through airport security.

One key point: pack your heat, people. Lawful owners of firearms may fly with them but must follow strict guidelines. They are allowed in checked luggage only, and must be in a locked hard-sided case with padding. The ammunition must be kept in a separate case.  The full list of guidelines is posted here .

The TSA keeps picking pieces off travelers:


Holy hardware! No these do not belong in your carryon gear!


Someone tried getting on a plane with this (to do what with later, who knows).


It's cane. It's a sword. It's both, actually. And it's not getting on an airplane.


Someone thought that A. Having a fake suicide bomber jacket was cute and B. They were going to take it onto a plane. Nope.


No you cannot take your hatchet onto the plane. You'd think that would be sort of intuitive but more than one traveler has made this mistake.


If your travel plans involve drinking and fighting ..  you sure sound fun. Just be sure to pack your brass knuckles in your checked luggage.


This is kinda creepy but is A-ok. Gator heads, welcome aboard.


No, you cannot take a grenade onto a plane.


Seriously. Even if your name is Wile E. Coyote. No grenades on the plane.


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