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Why is President Obama stacking Cheerios and playing Operation?

Being president is hard. Maybe not as hard as playing the game Operation, stacking Cheerios on somebody or trying to untangle headphones. So why is the leader of the free world taking on these literally impossible tasks?

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Because running the country isn't hard enough, BuzzFeed gave President Obama something even harder to try.

To encourage people to exercise their right to vote. BuzzFeed partnered with POTUS to spread the word. Registering to vote is a snap compared to activities like making a friendship bracelet. Seriously, have you ever tried?

We don't have any friends worth this much effort.

The video is simple and brilliant. Sort of like this thing where people stack Cheerios on their sleeping babies. (That IS a thing, serious. Check the Internet if you don't believe us.)

OK so this looks somewhat less than impossible, but that's because POTUS is stacking Cheerios on little stuffed Bo, not an actual baby.

Here is BuzzFeed's brilliant video. Watch it early and often!


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