Why Lady Gaga won't be touring again anytime soon

Lady Gaga is taking time away to deal with mental and physical health issues, becoming the latest in a string of artists to decide to scrap performances for various reasons. Gaga says she looks forward to touring again when she is able to, and to discussing in greater detail the challenges she faces.

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"It is complicated and difficult to explain, and we are trying to figure it out," she said in a social media post. "As I get stronger and when I feel ready, I will tell my story in more depth, and plan to take this on strongly so I can not only raise awareness, but expand research for others who suffer as I do, so I can help make a difference."

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Known for her athletic performances and creative costumes along with her powerhouse voice and musical talents, Gaga wowed at the 2017 Super Bowl, which sort of kicked off a world tour.

But she'll need a bit of a timeout before hitting the road again, and says that sharing her health challenges is meant to be transparent, not to curry sympathy.

"I use the word "suffer" not for pity, or attention, and have been disappointed to see people online suggest that I'm being dramatic, making this up, or playing the victim to get out of touring," she said. "If you knew me, you would know this couldn't be further from the truth. I'm a fighter. I use the word suffer not only because trauma and chronic pain have changed my life, but because they are keeping me from living a normal life."

She is taking the long view of things, saying she wants to be in shape to continue performing for the next several decades.

"I am looking forward to touring again soon, but I have to be with my doctors right now so I can be strong and perform for you all for the next 60 years or more," she told fans in closing. I love you so much."

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