Tyler Perry: "The country needs to laugh"

Tyler Perry says his sequel to "Boo: A Madea Halloween" is the comic relief America needs right now.

"The country just needs to laugh," he said during a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "This is a good 100 minutes of just sitting there laughing. It's a silly movie. Don't expect 'Schindler's List,' just go in there and have fun."

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The first "Boo" was up for several “awards” nominations – by the spoof outfit that awards the Golden Raspberry trophy for the worst of everything. Perry himself was up for a worst-actress Razzie for his recurring role as Madea. He also picked up a worst director Razzie nomination, as well as a worst-combo nod for “Tyler Perry & That Same Old Worn Out Wig.” 

Fortunately, the Razzie judges found other projects and artists to "honor."

The original "Boo" was the first movie he filmed on the former Fort McPherson site.

At the time of last year's release, he said it was the funniest movie he’d ever made.

“I want y’all to laugh, enjoy yourselves, tell somebody about it,” he said during a surprise appearance at an advance Atlanta screening at Regal Atlantic Station. “If you love it tell somebody. If you didn’t love it, shut your mouth!”

Like the first, "Boo 2" was a rather quickly produced product.

"I've done both of these movies in like five days each," he explained.

He shared a funny anecdote that happened during filming: he and costars Patrice Lovely and Cassi Davis, who play Hattie and Bam, set off one very late night after filming. After cruising for a bit - in costume, his drivers license not on him - Perry thought better of it and returned to the studio.

His motivation was staying out of tabloid headlines, he said: "If I get pulled over and the police stop me, this mug shot on TMZ is going to be horrible!"

The movie is out Oct. 20. Here is the trailer:


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