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The top Donald Trump posts of 2016

It's been a busy news year and much of it has been dominated by politics - specifically, articles about candidate, then president-elect Donald Trump, who formally has won the election with Monday's Electoral College tally.  Here's a look back at some of the top Trump posts (in terms of web traffic) of 2016:

When Oprah took some heat for saying she felt hopeful after the election

It didn't go over well with some fans.

When Donald Trump made Miley Cyrus cry

Real tears.

When we met Tiffany Trump

Voters got to know Trump's lesser-known daughter at the Republican National Convention.

When Ted Cruz' team got the drop on Team Trump in Georgia

It looked like Cruz would control things for a minute there during the primary. That didn't last.

When Hillary Clinton had a slim lead over Donald Trump in Georgia

Clinton at one point built a slim lead over Trump in Georgia, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll showed. That didn't last either.

When Clint Eastwood stirred social media with Trump comments

When politics and entertainment collide.

When Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were deadlocked in Georgia

A more recent poll showed Trump's surge.

When Donald Trump lashed out after veep-elect Mike Pence was booed at "Hamilton"

"Overrated," he said of the perennially sold-out Broadway hit.

When critics blasted Donald Trump's new Christmas ornament

Make Christmas Trees Great Again?

When a rapper who tweeted support for Trump was suspended by Twitter

She's staying busy on Facebook and Instagram

When Kanye West visited Donald Trump and left with this souvenir.

We're sure he'll treasure it always.

When it looked like a Georgia elector might refuse to back Donald Trump

He resigned. Trump swept all of Georgia's electoral votes.

When it became clear Donald Trump would have to downsize in order to move into the White House

How 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and Mar-a-Lago compare.

When SNL made fun of Donald Trump .. then he tweeted about it

This might be the Trumpest piece of the year.


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